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The emperor’s complete make-over

We all know the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Well. Here is an actual empress who came to us in search of new clothing: The hotel D’Angleterre, forever reigning as Denmark’s finest hotel and situated on Copenhagen’s beautiful King’s Square with a view to folksy Nyhavn - a stark contrast to the hotel’s exclusive and very luxurious brand. 

The assignment:

The 19000 m2 D’Angleterre underwent a 2-year complete renovation to upgrade the old building to modern luxury standards, but also to enhance its rich heritage and incredible architectural details in a modern context. This called for an upgraded identity, that could both signify the heritage, the renewal and the modern take on genuine luxury hospitality. 

The solution:

The resulting logo took inspiration from the historical milestones of the hotel (the years 1875, when it was first renovated, 1915 where it was renovated after a big fire, and 2013, the completion year of the recent renovation) and played on style elements from Art Nouveau to add both playfulness, elegance and style.